Friday, October 22, 2021

15 September News 329
What can we learn from the COVID crisis and what should we be prepared for next? Whilst the global impact of the COVID pandemic is still reverberating, critical lessons learnt need to be assessed at all levels of civil society. What considerations need to be evaluated and how can security and crisis managers prepare better for the next major event? The GCSP has dialogued with hundreds of crisis managers, scientists, leaders and decision makers, policy thinkers and academics over the last 18 months; what can we start to distill from these reflections and what should we be doing looking ahead?
04 March News 799
As promised in our last Annual General Meeting, one of the chapter objectives for 2021 is to support you in obtaining the CPP certification. We hope that this is also one of your objectives and looking forward to having you in our virtual study working group.

Chapter 160 Upcoming Events

  • Through its Chapters, ASIS International promotes professional education and networking at local level. The Chapter 160 Switzerland was founded in 1983 and is currently more than 100 members strong. In addition it addresses more than 250 guests – security professionals from all types of companies and from federal/cantonal governments. It caters for a wide range of needs for the security profession in Switzerland. Switzerland’s traditional social and economic stability fosters a high diversity of business activities. Divided into two regions, the Swiss Chapter organizes educational/networking events, conferences and workshops in Eastern Switzerland (Deutschschweiz) and in Western Switzerland (Suisse Romande). It also establishes links with chapters from neighbouring countries to promote educational events
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    From left to right : A.Ginnasi (YP Officer), E.Ammon (Chair), B.Caspar (Secretary), F.Mauron (Members Officer), A.Capaul (Vice-Chair East), JP.Therre (Vice-Chair West), L.Constant (Treasurer), N.Karani-Freudiger (Former WIS Officer)

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