Sunday, September 27, 2020

New Chapter Officers elected during the 2019 AGM

During the last AGM, held in the Securitas Offices in Zürich, the election for new Board members took place. This election was required as most of the existing members have reached their "quota" of years of service as Board member or had to hand-over their duties for other reasons.

It is with great enthousiasm that the new boards members, together with the existing members who continue serving the chapter, have taken their role and are gearing up to develop a continued program through 2020 and onwards.

The roles have been democratically assigned to everyone and we are pleased to share the list of new officers' names and their roles through the Chapter Officers page.

from left to right : A.Ginnasi, E.Ammon, B.Caspar, F.Mauron, A.Capaul, JP.Therre, L.Constant, N.Karani-Freudiger