Saturday, November 27, 2021

In a first step, thank you to inform us by March 12th, 2021 if you are interested to join this working group and getting well prepared for the exams. (email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

 Andrin Capaul, Chapter VP East and Barbara Caspar, Chapter Secretary, will lead the Working group. will be leaded by

  • Starting Date:   April / May 2021 – as soon as the study material is available
  • End Date:  December 2021 / 1st quarter 2022
  • Frequency:  monthly session, max 2 hours 6pm-8pm. Exact date tbc as soon as we have a better view on the number of participantsof the working group. We will be supported by the ASIS Foundation with a starter kit which helps us to have all the materials needed to lead a virtual certification study group
  • Language: mainly English (since working material and exam are in English), with a mix of French/German, depending on the participants

What means CPP & why apply for?

The Certified Protection Professional is considered the “gold standard” certification for security management professionals and demonstrates your knowledge and competency in seven key domains of security.

  • Security Principles and Practices
  • Business Principles and Practices
  • Investigations
  • Personnel Security
  • Physical Security
  • Information Security
  • Crisis Management

It is globally recognized as the standard of excellence for security management professionals.

What's on the Exam?

The CPP exam consists of 200 scored multiple-choice questions and may contain 25 randomly distributed pre-test (unscored) questions for a total of up to 225 questions.

The four hours allowed takes into consideration the review of pre-test items. The exam covers tasks, knowledge and skills in the above-mentioned domains.


We can try to order the material for all CPP working group participants at once in order to keep shipment costs as low as possible (sender: ASIS USA)

Costs ($)



CPP Reference Material

Protection of Assets (POA) - eight-volume,  learning basis for exam preparation.

A comprehensive reference covering all aspects of security including security management, crisis management, security officer operations, investigations, information security, physical security, applications, and legal issues.


CPP Reference Material
CPP Standards and Guidelines Bundle
Learning basis for exam preparation Standards:

  • Chief Security Officer—An Organizational Model
  • Security and Resilience in Organizations and Their Supply Chains—Requirements with Guidance*
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention
  • Physical Asset Protection


  • General Security Risk Assessment Guideline
  • Information Asset Protection Guideline
  • Preemployment Background Screening Guideline


CPP Review Flash Cards (Optional)
Over 500 questions and referenced answers covering all 7 domains, designed as a supplement to help you recall key concepts, terms, data, and facts. This study tool is NOT a substitute for thorough knowledge of the security management field as encompassed in the ASIS Protection of Assets. Nor is it a substitute for broad-based experience in the practice of security management.
However, the flash cards can be effectively used as part of a broader program of study.


CPP Study Manual

Designed to help you prepare for the exam. Created with input from certified experienced security professionals the book explores the seven domains of the CPP and their associated tasks.   Key concepts and terms are explained and information about studying for the exam is included.


Exam (online)


  • 7 years of security experience*, at least three 3 years of which shall have been in responsible charge* of a security function OR
  • 5 to 6 years of security management experience depending on education level achieved and 3 years of responsible charge of a security function.

*Definitions for these terms can be found in the Certification Handbook.

Furthermore, the following requirements are to be taken into account:

  • Have been employed full-time in a security-related role
  • Not have been convicted of any criminal offense that would reflect negatively on the security profession, ASIS, or the certification program
  • Sign and agree to abide by the ASIS Certification Code of Conduct
  • Agree to abide by the policies of the ASIS Certification programs as outlined in the Certification Handbook.


We are looking forward to hearing from you,

Chapter 160.