Monday, August 02, 2021

Mr. Patrick Sauty, Deputy Head of the EMCC (Cantonal Command Staff) presented the Technical Operations Center (TOC), whose activities are now mainly devoted to the active daily management of the Covid-19 crisis (monitoring of indicators on the evolution of the pandemic in the confederation and the canton) and to the coordination of vaccination operations in the canton. As part of its fundamental mission, the EMCC must also ensure that an operational standby is always maintained to deal with any other major crisis.

Pierre-Alain Lunardi, Municipal Councillor in charge of finance, security, and sport in Montagny-près-Yverdon and Chairman of the Management Committee of the ORPC of the Jura Nord vaudois district, then presented the Civil Protection of Vaud (PCi-VD) and gave a particular overview of the year 2020 and the operational challenges linked to Covid-19.

Created in 1961 to protect the civilian population in the event of a major armed conflict, the PCi is now organized to deal with natural, industrial, or human disasters, in coordination with other entities (army, police, SDIS, public health, etc.).

Led by a cantonal commander supported by his staff and backed by a Cantonal Training Center and the Population Protection Competence Center, the PCi of the canton of Vaud is organized into ten regions and works in close collaboration with the canton's Civil and Military Security Service.

2020 will have been a year of challenges for the PCi. In addition to the number of emergency response days, which increased from 87 in 2019 to 10,672 in 2020, the crisis management structures were put to the test, particularly in terms of coordination between the security and health decision-making chains at the strategic and operational levels.

While supporting federal and cantonal efforts to vaccinate against Covid-19, the PCi faces a challenge of a different nature in 2021, that of implementing the measures of the new federal law on civil protection and civil defence (LPPCi), which would lead to a 30% reduction in the PCi-Vaud's workforce over the next five years.

Chapter 160 would like to express its deepest gratitude to Mr. Lunardi, Mr. Sauty and all the staff of the EMCC-Vaud for this particularly instructive visit and presentation of the functioning of the PCi-VD, its history, the challenges it has encountered and the prospects for its evolution in the context of this unprecedented health crisis.

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