Saturday, November 27, 2021

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    New interesting training program in 2021: “Security issues and organizations at national level in Switzerland”.

    The Geneva Center for Security Policy (GSCP) and the National Security Network (RNS) are organizing a training course in 2021 on the theme of security issues and organizations at the Swiss national level.

    This training is aimed at senior executives from all public bodies as well as from all private economic sectors contributing to the security of Switzerland. This training is structured around 3 modules of three successive days. The three modules take place in Bern, Zürich and Geneva respectively.

    The objectives of this training are as follows:

    • Acquire an overview of security issues at the national level, be aware of the vulnerabilities of our society, which is both globalized and urbanized, the fragility of which the coronavirus crisis has recently revealed.
    • Understand the organization of the country's internal security, know the role of its key players as well as the personalities in charge of responsibilities, in the spirit of the motto "In Krisen Köpfe kennen" (KKK).
    • To assimilate the conduct and functioning of the country in the event of a crisis, to integrate the role and interactions between the various crisis management bodies in the public and private sectors.

    Organization and employers: The training course is organized by the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP). It is jointly sponsored by the GCSP and the delegate of the Confederation and the cantons to the National Security Network (RNS).

    Course management: The training course is co-directed by the delegate of the Confederation and the cantons within the National Security Network and by the DDPS general officer stationed at the GCSP.

    Number of participants: The number of participants per training course is a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 24.

    Languages of instruction: Instruction is provided in German (Hochdeutsch) or French, without simultaneous translation. The vast majority of speakers will be able to answer questions in both languages.

    Available brochures

    GCSP Brochure French
    GCSP Brochure German

    Registration Forms

    GCSP Brochure French and German


    After 6 years of existence and recurring successes (54 graduates), the continuous education program in strategic management of safety and security in enterprises (CAS GSSSE) offered by the HEIG-VD engineering school and the Savatan Regional Police Academy, has been substantially resized and expanded to take into account the emerging developments in most security chapters and issues. For the program’s scientific council, it was also a question of responding to the needs of public/private companies and to the comments expressed by the students who have already graduated.

    This program therefore evolves as from summer 2021 into a program made up of two comprehensive and complementary Certificates of Advances Studies:

    • CAS 1: Certificate of Advanced Studies HES-SO in security / safety in enterprises: towards a forward-looking strategy.
    • CAS 2: Certificate of Advanced Studies HES-SO in business resilience and crisis management

    Subject to the successful completion of these two certificates (2 x 15 ECTS) and the writing of a final dissertation (6ECTS), students can obtain a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in safety-security strategy and crisis management.

    This continuous education program, made up of 10 independent modules and the final thesis, is spread over 18 months to obtain the DAS.

    This program is currently offered in French.

    All the relevant information is grouped together in the brochure that you will find on the left side.

    For more information, contact Jean-Pierre Therre

    Available brochures


    CAS 1

    Registration Forms

    CAS 2