Saturday, November 27, 2021

Becoming a member of the Swiss Chapter of ASIS International

To become member of our Chapter you first need to be a member of ASIS International. If you already member of ASIS international, go to step  2

1 - How to become a member of ASIS International

  1. Membership application to ASIS International can be made online at:

  2. Confirmation of membership is received after payment of the annual fees (currently USD 215.00 in the first year, USD 195.00 thereafter). These funds are used to finance the programs and services provided by ASIS International.

2 - Become a member of the ASIS International Chapter 160 Switzerland swiss flag 2
Membership of the Swiss Chapter of ASIS International is done through the separate process described below

  1. Download the application form from our website by clicking here.

  2. Send it completed along with a copy of your CV (CV's are kept confidential and help the Board to find experts in case of need). Please note that it is important to mention your ASIS International membership number.

  3. After validation by the Board of the Swiss Chapter, you will receive a confirmation of chapter's membership and an invitation to pay the annual fees, which are used to finance the local activities of the chapter. The annual fees currently amount to CHF 60.00.

Note: The Swiss Chapter of ASIS International is an entirely independent association (according to the Swiss Civil Code, Art. 60 ff) based on the platform of ASIS International. Our statutes (available here) clearly stipulate the independence and the prevailing nature of the Swiss Chapter.


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